Conduits conduits conduits

You don’t realise that the tools that you need to create magick are in your hands

The Earth, The Spirit, The Movement and the Soul can be seen through them, channeled through them

Continue dancing and you will feel it course through it

Continue storyweaving and music making and it will inspire you and feed you

Love the Earth more

Love its people more

And through your mediums you will channel the messages that need to be channelled


All that is here right now is all that there is right now

Life is not running away from you

You are running away from it when you cower in your corner and pretend that you’re not good enough

You are more than ready to take on the world

Pick up your conduits one by one

Pour yourself into them and see what blossoms forth

The unmistakable undeniable passion that lives within you will course through the conduits

Creativity Revolution with the fingers that are your mind, with the tongue that is your spirit and with your senses that are your body



Imperfect Perfection

Awkwardly navigating my own fear the space that I crave stepping into is moving far back from its own shadow

And the deep winding spirals of my mind cannot grasp the annoying simplicity.

Walk through it, observe it, taste it.

Oddly dry. An ocean rung out by fire. The buds on my tongue swell in the heat as parched, my open mouthed confession waits for just the right weather.

Spring. The truth in the ever blooming laughter that cycle just as gracefully back into the earth.

This is  the imperfect perfect moment in which to speak your fundamental ambiguity.