Infinity and Love

So I’ve just finished watching a rather tear jerking movie called ‘Remember Me’ and despite its slightly shocking and disappointing ending, it was also a story about love. Love that is so real and so necessary that it cannot help but grab you and make your world whole.

It irks me. This ‘movie romance world’ where two amazing bright human beings collide in an unexpected situation and off they go to become the worlds greatest couple, peppered with quirky characteristics, deep thinking and an even deeper capacity to love even the greatest flaws of your loved one. If only it were so. That one day, I would walk into my favourite spot in this village of a city and there, waiting behind a steaming cup of the finest tea with a gorgeous smile and infinite eyes we would lock eyes and just know.

The city and its social cacophony continue to astound and annoy me. One minute I think I am head over hills in love with someone and then before I dive too deep into their ‘Ocean of Wonder’ I realise that I am merely infatuated with the ‘idea’ of their magnificence rather than actually seeing their otherwise ordinary and flawed (i.e: real) existence. Are these superficially framed romantic movies the bane of female existence? Why do they taunt us so? *sigh*

I love being in love. Falling in love. Thinking about love. I am addicted to the ANTICIPATION of the emotions I am addicted to. But yet, like a roaring amount of humanity, I cannot define what love ultimately is except by arranging delicate and beautiful english words to create a rendition of what it ‘may’ feel like. I have been deceived. But have I really? Is there hope for us romantically inclined and yet increasingly realistic women in this world? I have been hit hard with reality so many times that I am starting to lose my faith in this great adventure. Yet around every corner, almost everyday, a new face looms in this city and again I begin to trip over cracks in the sidewalk more often than I can count. Is it hopeless? Or should I be reaching out for something more? But how can we really see further than what is presented to us at face value and through a couple of brief encounters. I never seem to. I have been cursed with an innate disposition to glorify every single individual I encounter. And maybe that’s not such a bad thing but it sure does get my little heart into trouble.

I think, I would adore to have a ‘movie romance’ and flourish amidst perfection. But I also thrive in amidst the chaos that is life, for truly, without the ups and downs and spin arounds that we encounter every waking moment of our lives, what would love and life truly be without it? I think that we should embrace every emotion we are confronted with and take the fear, the excitement, the butterflies, the disappointment, the surprise, the elation , the sorrow, the beauty and the pain all for what they are worth. Real True Feelings. How much more honest can our existence get if we don’t have lives coloured with such feelings?

So in light of a somewhat difficult world to find our other halves, I would like to suggest that we not lose faith and even if we do stumble across that magnificent being and they turn out to be not so magnificent? Love them. Love yourself and love every  moment of it because as much as you may think that something isn’t real, we are. We are here and we feel and we love and we laugh. So go with it. And lastly, if that hint of spark is missing, don’t flap your wings in a huff, the universe is infinite and your fire-starter will come along soon enough. Just keep on feeling. Keep on being real.



2 thoughts on “Infinity and Love

  1. “Love is like a friendship caught on fire. In the beginning a flame, very pretty, often hot and fierce, but still only light and flickering. As love grows older, our hearts mature and our love becomes as coals, deep-burning and unquenchable.”
    A wise man said that (ok it was Bruce Lee, but i think it still holds true…)

    I have always thought that one of the major fallacies of the Hollywood portrayal of love is that it most often depicts what many would rather term a crush or infatuation than ‘real’ love. Of course, because its Hollywood, these crushes turn into ‘love at first sight’ and are the ‘true’ representation of how love should be. Of the crushes I have had over the years, none have lasted longer that the time it took for the (perceived) flaws of the person to manifest.
    In my opinion these infatuations are like a bright flare that burns up all the passions in one fell swoop, leaving nothing after. The idea that love starts as a small flame that slowly builds up, perhaps with moments of flickering and waning, but then burning up again brighter than before, is what I imagine true, mature love to be like.
    Falling in love is a process, often one that takes time (and energy?), and to think that one can skip straight to the end result of ‘being in love’ is, I believe, a rather naive thought.
    Having said that, I also feel that it is truly difficult to differentiate between the beginnings of the start of love and the beginnings of the start of a beautiful and strong friendship.
    I know that was rather a long monologue, but (as is probably rather obvious) this is an issue that I have rather strong feelings about. (I blame Hollywood for America’s almost 50% divorce rate..)

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