Power in Sound

Where do you start to create new things in your mind? Where do you start to pursue life? By your passion? By your fate? By the voices that are external? By the force of what is internal?

Sound can sadden, pull, draw, twist, spiral, move, back, forth, around, between and silently slip through your fingers and into the ground, it can gravitate your soul towards new heights and new found love and somehow it can form cohesive understandable, continuous patterns that usher your body into movement, into pulsation. It is unique and it is universal and it is the calling that comes to grab the very depths of my ancient alien earthly soul. It keeps me alive. It keeps you alive. It keeps those who cannot hear vibrating internally on an indescribable unfathomable level as they connect with the pure resonance of the beats that echo from voice, from the instruments that the earth has shown us and allowed us to create through harnessing her magnitude and her magnificence.

This is where I find my soul. And myself. In Sound and its Creation. My ultimate love affair.

Music is love in search of the words.


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