Blue eyes meeting blue in a grey room of secrets and creation

His fingers lingered on hers as their names flew across the space to land on deaf ears and preoccupied minds

He met her like the saffron moon met the deep navy sky

His soul blushing peach at the thought of loving her.

He moved in a swift and lethal way

Luring her in with a flicker of his smile

A coy sway of his hips

Smouldering deliciously all the while that she noticed him noticing her in the corners of her vision.

She whispered and she glowed in his sight

Golden grace tumbling over her shoulders to meet his curious lustful stare

Her heart crept slowly up to lodge undecided in her throat.

There she faltered into silence.

His eyes flickered through the catalog of her presence, unsure, uninvited.

He smelled her fear as he embraced her in a goodbye and tasted,


her desire on his lips,

already aching to saturate her thirst for passion.

Her eyes lingered on the glimmer of his black leather jacket

As he swaggered with practiced appeal towards the door

Turning back for a moment to give her  a last glimpse of his dimples.

She faltered from the drifting aroma of his charm

She knw he would find another victim to infatuate.



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