Love Honestly

Fear. Risk. Love. Passion

Diving into a life with a heart open is one of the most frightening things that we do in life. We take off our everything and throw it out into the air, out into the ‘ether of existence’ where some huge part of us hopes and believes that another has done the same, simultaneously.

My feet lie on this ledge, while my heart is filled with the uncontrollable resonance of love for this earth, its beings and this life. I have fallen in love with living and it is the most hopelessly romantic relationship I have ever had the pleasure of rushing into.

My body is weak with the overwhelming extension of cosmic love that has emerged from sound, dance and touch. I feel so incredibly alive. 




Soul lover calls and I must pull my reigns and look into his eyes with my entirety and not with desire or misguided intent. Soul lover beckons and I must smile from the depth of my being and not from the place that I govern outside of myself. Soul lover touches me and I must touch him with no lust, but a pure honesty of spirit connection. My layers must be stripped and I must glide with that which is me to greet that which is him.

In a space where there were no curtains, we found each other on gentle ground




This is a new stage of connection revolution. All that I am and all that we are is coming together to form beautiful fusions of reality and honesty.Image

Dance. Dance. Smile. Feeding of the soul. Dance. 


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