This Existence…

Finding something I’m not captivated by, is particularly rare thing.

I find myself in a valley of Sound; Art; Poetry; Eastern Religions; Mythology;

Philosophy; Nomadic and Bohemian like human beings, as well as an academic

village in which I explore the philosophies on embodiment, on sensory existence and on means for alternative education.

I have a fascination with the ever weaving webs of life and the spiritual beings that aid in the creation of this ‘earth tapestry’.

Join me as I share my thoughts, my wanderings, my sounds, my love and my growth, digitally inscribed for all to engage with.

Infinite love and blessings



2 thoughts on “This Existence…

  1. Ones incarnation onto this plane has many levels of awaking. These awakenings operate at ages we least expect them and what I am learning now you might already have learned. So thus we may lean on one another, tree’s in a forest swaying, buffering the wind at different times. I must say though there are some lessons that in the midst of the storm – I wish we did not have to experience.

    Heartache being the biggest, swords to the heart is surely the most debilitating feeling. I know its not a pretty analogy but I liken it to diarrhea, you have to just allow it to happen, try not to have attachment to the event, one day it will be clear. Invariably we live afterwards but often have no idea how we managed to get through.

    I wish that all sentient Beings no longer need to suffer and peace to all – there is something to look forward to, one day our incarnations need not experience any more suffering because of who we are right now. Christ like we take on our own Karma to clear the way.Do it therefore for yourself, and others will be benefiting from your burning.

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