Fire Love

Sweeping me up and out of my well kept home inside of myself

His shining ruby mind kept my magpie head and heart in a trance

I edged towards his jewelled existence




And then dove so deep and determined that my eyes refused to open

From the sheer rush of his fire embrace




I have resurfaced. Dripping with residual magic.

Passing by the moments of honest fusion it feels empty and forlorn.

Did I dream my dream to sleep?

Pages torn from a book so silently and swiftly my soul sails on unaware.

I’m left revolving on love-seeking stilts.

Around and around.

Ready to propel myself off


and into the starlight


Movement into Bliss

Deep magenta fire filters up through my soles on pinewood floors

Electric calve muscles pulsate

Knees Loose

Hips unwinding to the cosmic cave of drumbeat sound

I am alive in the centre of my being

A sensation profound and unnameable in a groove beneath between my breasts.

Is this Bliss?