In the cover of darkness and neon lights, there is an aspect of every human being that seems to creep through. Bodies strewn across the rooms in various positions, standing , sitting, dancing, laughing, falling over et cetera. Somehow in these moments a sense of community creeps through and everyone is enveloped by the feeling; we momentarily become a family, only to drift apart for months on end until we see eachother under the lights once more.

Its odd isn’t it? Or is it beautiful? The fact that we harp on these momentary transactions of love, lust, laughter, dance and conversation to feel a part of something that is far bigger than ourselves? As much as I enjoy it, and I’m sure you all do too, I can’t help but be puzzled by the interactions that occur when we leave these spaces. Some meetings extend beyond the momentary transactions, but many are merely fleeting and no fruit appears on the beautiful tree that you thought might be the most delicious one to cultivate. Social interaction is a tricky one. But yet they make up the lives we lead and colour our days with speculation. Is it up to us to embrace the contiously speculative nature of our existence or should we be looking for something else?



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